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A big truck that has a very big tires on it. You can say that this coloring page is a monster truck. Not really the monster that has ugly face that scare children but monster in the size from an ordinary car. This is a vehicle that is modified or built purposely that has a body of a pickup truck but has a very large tires or wheels. It is used in competition and sports entertainment.  Shows of monster truck include crushing small vehicles. It runs over smaller vehicle or manmade barriers. This is really very interesting especially for boys.

If you are the one driving one of this what color you would like it to have. You can have a color or make it more colorful the way you want it. Think you are driving one of this. Color this magnificent truck by dragging the cursor that you have pick between the magic and paint brush and it can also be paint bucket to the color at the palette at the side. Then point it to the part where you want the color to be till you are done. If you want to change the color just click the faucet to wash the color or remove. After done coloring you can save and share it to your friend thru social media sites or you can also print a copy and display it.

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