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They look so serious. The zombie, the vampire and the werewolf are playing cards. Even thou they are monster they need a break and time off especially its Halloween. How come it is Halloween? There is a decoration at the wall saying happy Halloween. Even it is full moon and it is shining beautifully they pick to play. Each one focusing on their cards to win each other. The werewolf looks very angry and showing his card that is alas. While the zombie must be thinking twice and not being sure. But the vampire still looking at his cards thinking wisely.

This coloring page will be a bit tricky. Different colors will be needed to make them scarier. Decide which brush you want to use for the cursor from magic and paint brush or also use the paint bucket. Brush size can be adjusted as you desire. Colors are provided at the palette at the side of the page. You can choose to have a special effect every time you drag the cursor and while coloring. If you want to enlarge or minimize the size you can adjust the zoom. Text can be added if you want to. If you have a doubt with the color and want to change just click the faucet to remove the color. After coloring online share it with your friends what you have done and let them try it also.

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