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Let us identify what kind of fish is this in the coloring page. This is a Moorish idol. Before we start coloring the fish let us learn more about this and what color be appropriate. In Hawaii they are known as Kihikihi meaning curves, zigzag or corners that refers to the pattern color and shape. There maximum size is seven inches. With their color white, black and yellow they looks attractive for those who love collect fish in the aquarium. They have small fins as you can see. Kids can try and draw one with the guide of this page. It makes it look easy to draw one.

Now we know a little bit of this fish we can start coloring online. It will be fun. We will focus on three colors with the fish; white, black and yellow. The lines in the body of the fish will be your guide. Just drag the paint brush cursor to the color then back to the part of the fish you want it be. Adding text will be nice too. Aside from the paint and magic brush, you can also use paint bucket to color faster. To remember what kind of fish is this you can add a text above or below the image. After coloring, save and share it at different social media sites to your friends and family.

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