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Moses Parts Sea

Coloring page is not only a fun way to do but also you can learn while coloring. Just like this one. As you can see the one that is holding a staff is Moses. He is in parting the sea so that the Israelites can move on through the sea. At the back of Moses are the Israelites. Before this happen the Israelites where afraid because the Pharaoh together with other Egyptian soldiers were coming for them. They taught they are stranded because it was dead end, in front of them is a sea. But because of God they were save. God told Moses to raise his staff so that the sea will part and remain it rise till all the Israelite people had crossed the sea. To know more about the story of Moses during this event just read Exodus 14 for more detail.

Online coloring is a great experience to do. All the tools you need are provided already and it is easy to do. This can also be shared to others by using different social media sites or email it to them. While the kids color this page you can read it to them. It will become more interesting to them that they know what they are coloring. Learning while having fun at the same time.

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