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Mother Portrait

Every picture we take captured a special moment of our life. The memories that we had that will be remembered because of a picture or a portrait. Just like this portrait of a mother and a baby that she is holding. This coloring page shows a proud mother carrying with her baby. Portraits let us remember what happen at that moment that even thou it already happen you will still remember the feeling of that time. If handle with care this portraits that we have will last for a long time. There are times we put all this pictures in an album and in time to time we can open it and reminisce the past. And some pictures that have the most important one are put in a frame to be able to see it all the time as much as possible.

Color this page with all your love and passion just like how the picture shows it. With the colors you add it will make it more memorable. After coloring it online you can give a print copy to your mother and add a loving message on it. Before you print just click the toolbar that has ABC to add your text. Simple but still it shows your love to your mother. You can share this page to your friends so that they too can do the same to their mother.

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