Noahs Ark

This coloring page is another biblical event. This is Noah’s ark. The man is Noah along with him in the ark is the animals that he and his family had collected before the flood as instructed by God. God sent a flood to earth to wipe and end all those corrupted people. He picks Noah and his family to build an ark and collect animals each kind with seven pairs. He found Noah and his family righteous. When they enter the ark the rain started to fell and the earth was flooded. After long forty days of waiting he sent a raven first to fly if the water were already dried up. Then he sent next a dove but still there was water. After seven days he sent again the dove to look for a dry land. The dove returned with a freshed olive leaf just like in the page. With this they knew that there is already a dry land.

Isn’t this page very interesting? It gives hope to one person even it was a long wait. Adding color make this moment much more memorable. There are different colors available for you to choose. Coloring by online will be a new experience. Share it to your friends so that they can also try one.

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