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In a deserted area in a forest there lives an ogre. He looks like the one in the coloring page. You can say he is huge, ugly and looks so scary. He is not much surrounded by plants and trees. The tree that at his back looks dead. The way he dress make him more look barbaric especially the decoration at his chest that look like a skull. He is also holding in his hand a big wooden club maybe used for hunting and protection for himself from danger. His nails in his fingers and toes are long, it surely need trimming. His teeth are long and sharp. There are terrifying stories about them that kids are afraid of them. They sometimes make stories about them to scare kids not to do bad things.

Even thou they look scary it doesn’t mean that they are bad. There is a saying that doesn’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe they don’t look good physically but maybe inside they are good creature and they are just misunderstood. Still being cautious is not bad. As long you don’t make them feel threaten they won’t do anything.

Try coloring this page to make it more presentable even thou he is an ogre. Help him to make his life colorful.

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