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Papa Bear and Cubs

An adorable bonding time of a papa bear and his cubs. Parents having time with their children are a precious moment. Here in this coloring page shows it. A loving papa bear take time with his cubs in a forest playing with them. They look so cute especially they wear the same attire but the cubs don’t have hat on. Seeing their faces you will see how happy they are, the smile and the glow in their eyes. Every child love the moment when they are with their love ones. Even you like to have bonding time with your parents.

Here is a good way to have bonding time with them. Ask them to accompany you while coloring and show them how to do it online and how easy it will be. They will surely enjoy this new experience doing it online. It will be a piece of cake doing one and we are sure that they can get it at first try. Colors that we will be focusing will be brown, green, and black for the forest and the bear to be more like the real one. For their clothes and other accessories it your choice.

Not only we let you have fun doing this page but also we share our idea about what we see in a family.

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