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Peter Loses Faith

Here aside from having fun online by coloring you can also learn more about Jesus and learn some moral lesson about life. As you can see in the coloring page there is a man that is sinking in the lake. The story can be read at the New Testament at Matthew 14: 22 – 23. This is one the famous story about Jesus.

The man that is sinking is Peter and the other people in the boats are the apostles of Jesus. What happen is the apostles are in the boat as instructed by Jesus to go in the lake without him because he needs to pray in the mountain. Even thou that the apostles mostly spend more time at the boat  of their life they are still worried every time  the lake is not calm That time the waves and wind are strong. They saw a dark figure in the water walking towards them they were terrified but when Jesus spoken they were not afraid anymore. Instead Peter answered and asks Jesus to let him come to him. When Jesus told him he got out of the boat and walked to Jesus at the water. But because the wind is strong he started to frighten and stared to sink. HE cried out to Jesus to save him. Jesus reaches on his hand and told him why he has little faith on him and had doubt. After that they went to boat and the wind and wave was calmed.

What do you think you learn about the story?

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