This coloring page is about a pilgrim that looks very excited. He is holding a bowl full of fruits and vegetables. There are corns, apples, squash, grapes and more. The expression that you can in his face looks really happy and seems excited that he is running while holding the bowl. Not minding that some of the fruit and vegetables fall from the bowl because of his running. Maybe he is on his way to share the blessing he had received to others. This is also a way to thanks for the bountiful harvest they have.

In the page it gives you idea what pilgrims wear during thanksgiving. The man is wearing a traditional attire of a pilgrim. During thanksgiving people wears this kind of attire and follow traditions

Here you will mostly like use the color black, white and gold for his attire. For the collar, end of the sleeve, the socks should be white. The rest of his clothes, hat and shoes should be black. The buckle in his belt and hat should be gold. The fruits and vegetables color it the way you see them in actual.

Coloring this will make it more festive to look to celebrate. How do you celebrate your thanksgiving now?

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