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Wondering what a pirate looks like? Here in the coloring page is a pirate most specifically a captain. The captain always has the hat that has an image of a cross bones that has a skull in the center. This has also the same image in their flag that is waving in their ship to show others that they are pirates. Look at him he is also waiving a flag in his hand with the same image on it and looks proud being a pirate. He looks a bit scary with his beard on him; he is fat, has an eye patch on, a sword and a gun in his waist that makes him more intimidating and looks scarier to be approach.

If you see a captain of a pirate ship there will always be the parrot to accompany him just like the one in his shoulder. The parrot looks so deceiving. You won’t know what the bird wants to do if be friendly or be mean. Parrot can be entertaining and a good company because they can talk or copy what you say. This might be the reason why they have a parrot with them to keep them entertain while sailing.

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