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A pirate is what you see in the coloring page. This is pirate ship because of the flag above the ship. A skull that has a bone in an X position. They always travel from one island to another to look for treasures. Look at the pirate he looks like a look out to see where they are going. He is position at the highest place in the ship to see a far as he can. With the telescope he is using he will surely have a great look ahead to see. Aside from his telescope he also has a sword at his side for defense. The page looks funny with his one eye that almost pop out the telescope. He sees an island that might have the treasure that he is looking for. The excitement in his face surely can be seen showing his two teeth. The pirate ship looks almost near the island. Sure thing before they can find the treasure they will surely go thru a lot. Finding one will not be easy there will be traps and other clues that needed to be solved.

Let it make interesting by coloring this and imagine you are a pirate but make sure to think as a good pirate.

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