Color the coloring page about the Resurrection of Jesus.

Do you want to know more about essential facts about God? Well, this coloring book paves way for your concerns. This highlights the resurrection of the lord Jesus Christ as it gives faith, hope and love to all of the people in the planet. Right after his sacrifice, pain and hurt experience from huge numbers of soldiers who do not believe in his salvation, people thought that God will not rise again from his death.

In this picture, you may see how the people are amazed seeing the rise of God again. It’s truly a miracle from them seeing God, who suffered serious pains, hurts and aches to rise again. They are completely happy and mesmerized seeing that God is truly alive. Color the trees surrounding the place with lively green color to make it more appealing and impressive to look at. Make sure that the dress of all the people in this page highlights spirituality and sacredness of their heart.

Taking a closer look at this page, you may be very amazed as to how mysterious Jesus Christ is. This even manifest the true spirit of faith and love to one another as Jesus doesn’t leave his people alone. From the three days of sacrifice and death, he was able to rise up and show how strong he is to keep on sacrificing for the sake of the people. As you spare time to color this book, feel free to share your own creativity and make use of the best color to make it more sacred and appealing to look at.

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