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Road to Calvary

Look at Jesus in the coloring page carrying the cross

Are you one of those kids who are interested to seek for faithful stories and images at a very young age? Well, worry no more as this coloring page highlighting road to Calvary can already help kids out there to obtain an amazing and faithful experience they always aimed for.  In this page, you may eventually see how Jesus sacrifices himself for all the people.

In this coloring page, Jesus is carrying a cross while having a crown of thorns and full of blood all over his body.  There are huge numbers of soldiers gathered around while laughing at him. He is wearing his robe with scarlet that was placed by the soldiers who punished him. He was very tired and in pain as seen in the picture but he is willing to set aside his own safety for all the people who greatly believed in him. Jesus is really struggling in this picture for the sake of his own people hence despite of the pain and hurt that he is experiencing as he is committed and dedicated to carry the cross no matter how far the destination is for all of his people.

As you color this page, you may feel that God surrounds you and to pay tribute for the sacrifice that he gave the people, spare time to make use of the best color in this page. You also need to emphasized time and effort in coloring this page even if it’s just an ordinary paper for you to color since in this simple way you can already show how important God as he went to the road to Calvary.

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