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Santa Flying Sleigh

Santa is flying with his sleigh.
During Christmas Eve Santa deliver gifts to good boys and girls.
So girls and boys be good.

Look at how Santa is amused flying with his sleigh. You might be wondering what Santa is doing here. You can paint Santa with different shades to ensure you bright out a fascinating mood on his face as he is flying with his sleigh. During this Christmas Eve, Santa is delivering lot of gifts to the good boys and girls. If you have been a good boy or girl during the year, you will definitely get a present from Santa. The kids are really anxious about the kind of gifts which Father Christmas is bring them on this day. Painting him with the right colors will definitely go a long way in creating happiness and joy mood to the kids while welcoming him. Santa is comfortably seated in a big and stylish seat which is being pulled by the flying sleigh. He is very happy as he throws the gift boxes on the air. The gift boxes are rapped using ribbons. Paint the gift boxes and ribbons with red and white color to indicate Christmas festival. Children really like these colors during Christmas celebrations. The flying sleighs are tied with ropes around their necks and they are pulling the seat very fast. They are also happy and enjoying this occasion too. Paint these flying sleighs with brown color on their bodies as well as the legs. Their horns are twisted and very long. Painting them with grey will perfectly match with the brown color on their bodies. You can use a red or white background depending on your preferences.


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