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Santa North Pole

Santa is delivering the presents to boys and girls that have been good.
Do you think you will receive one?

Coloring the Santa North Pole picture is quite easy and fascinating. As you can see from this picture, Santa is leaving North Pole with his reindeer pulling the cart and is heading to the south to give presents to the good boys and girls over Christmas holiday. The presents will be presented to all the kids who have been good during the year. Since the kids are very anxious of what Santa is bringing them, it is important to paint him with appealing colors that will amuse the kids. Father Christmas has a long beard which is hanging on his chest. Paint his beards with grey color to depict the old age he has during Christmas as he comes to present the gifts to the children. The cart is full of sacks which have a variety of gifts for the kids. It would be appropriate to paint these sacks with different colors as long as they match well with the other colors on this picture. You can use pink, red, white, brown, orange and yellow colors among others to paint these sacks. The letters “NORTH POLE” on the post can be painted with black color so that they can be visible from far. The pole can be painted with both red and white color. The rope tied on the reindeer can be painted using black color. Paint the entire body of the reindeer with brown color while the twisted horns can be painted using a grey shade. Use a bright color for the background as long as it matches with the other colors in this picture.

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