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Santa With Sack

Hurry kids Santa brought a sack full of presents.
Santa in the coloring page is ready to give the gifts to the boys and girls who have been good.
So if you have been good get your present.

Santa is usually the Father Christmas who brings a lot of gifts to children during this beautiful occasion. Coloring this picture can be a bit tricky if you don’t choose the right colors as well as brushes. In this picture we see Santa carrying a lot gifts on his hands ready to give them to the boys and girls who have been good during Christmas. If you have been good you will definitely get presents from Santa during Christmas celebrations. To start painting this picture, you need to look at the clothes which this Father Christmas is wearing. The best color to paint Santa’s clothes is red and white color. These are the two colors which are usually used to paint Father Christmas during these celebrations.  Start from the head cap which Father Christmas is wearing. You can paint this with red color only. For the clothes, use a mixture of white and red color concurrently. For the shoes it would be appropriate to use red or white color whichever you prefer most. Father Christmas is also wearing a belt around his stomach. Paint this belt with white color for it to be more visible from far. The gifts on his hands can be painted using any bright color as long as it blends well with the red and white color which is on Father Christmas clothes. The Christmas trees which are beside Santa can be painted with green color since these are real branches of trees that have been plugged. Some sweets are usually tied around the tree for kids to eat during this occasion.

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