Sausage Dog

The dog in the coloring page has a short leg, long and has a barrow build body.
Some people nicknamed this a sausage dog because of its appearance.
Actually this dog is called a dachshund but sausage dog is much more cute.

This dog is amazing and you need to paint it with appropriate colors to make it even more stunning to the eyes of the viewers. The sausage dog in this picture has short legs, long and barrow built body. Some of the people nicknamed this dog a sausage because of its appearance. The actual name of this dog is dachshund but to call it sausage dog is more cute and interesting. Behind this dog, there is a well constructed wooden fence. This fence can be colored using a brown shade as this will perfectly give it a vivid look. On the path where this sausage dog is walking, there are flowers, grass and stones. You can paint the surface with brown color and the grass with green color. Use pink, yellow or red color to paint the flowers on the way. Moreover, there are some trees and bushes on the side of this dog. The perfect shade for these is green color as it will depict the color of the surroundings. The ears of this dog are also very amusing. They are long and hanging over the dog’s face. Use brown color to paint these long scary ears. The eyes of this sausage dog are wide open and scary. Paint them using black and white color to preserve the funny and scary mood of this dog. Its tail is swinging in the air and you can paint it using dark grey color. Paint the entire body of the dog using dark brown color.

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