Scary Cat

Watch out for the cat, it has a sharp claws.
The cat in the coloring page looks very scary.
Roaming around in the night make it more scarier.

This cat is very scary as you can see from the picture that it has very sharp claws to protect itself from enemies. In order to bring out a scary theme in this picture, you need to choose your colors and brushes well before starting to paint. Cats usually roam around during the night and it is important to choose the right shades to use in this picture so as to make this cat even scarier at night. This will go a long way in keeping away any small animals that might attack your poultry at night. The sharp claws of this scary cat can be painted with grey color while its four long legs can be painted with a shade of brown color. For the rest of the body, you can paint the cat with brown, white or black color depending on the shade you love most.  Moreover, this scary cat has strong and large teeth which it uses to crush its food. These teeth can perfectly be painted with white color for them to be visible from far. The ears of this cat are small and they are standing upright on its head. The cat is very keen and listening from all directions to keep away enemies from the farm. There are some long hairs on the face of this cat. These hairs can be painted with grey or brown color. The eyes of this cat can be painted with black and white color to portray a scary theme on the picture.

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