Scary Dog

Unwanted visitors beware.
If this kind of dog that guards your house, unwanted visitors are surely off limit to your house.
Thief won’t even dare to come close to your gate.

What a scary dog! Coloring this dog can be a bit tricky if you are the type who fears dogs. This dog has very sharp and strong teeth as you can see from the picture. The best color to paint the teeth for this dog is white color. This dog is scary and any unwanted visitors to your home will definitely keep off once they encounter this dog at the gate. With such a dog at your home, no thieves will dare to come close to your gate at any given time. In order to achieve a scary theme to keep off unwanted visitors and thieves to your home, you need to paint this picture with the right shades that will depict this ultimately. There is a tree behind this scary dog. It would be appropriate to paint the tree with green color to depict the color of the surroundings. The dog’s ears are large and they are lying on its head while the eyes are wide open to see any person who is approaching the gate. The dog’s body can be painted with brown, black, white or grey color. It would also be appropriate to paint its body with a shade of two colors combined together. This depends entirely on the choice of your favorite colors but be keen to make sure the shades you pick rhyme well with other colors in this picture. This scary dog also has four legs which are strong. You can paint the gate as well as the path where this scary dog is standing using brown color.

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