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School Bus

Off the school bus go.
Bringing the kids to school to learn and play at the same time.

Look at this amazing school bus carrying children. Coloring this picture is easy and very interesting since all you need is to choose the right colors to bring out happiness mood in this bus. The children are very happy and we can see them laughing and looking outside through the open windows of the school bus. This bus is bringing the kids to school to learn as well as play. You need to carefully select your colors well in order to bring out a lively mood in the bus. The children in this bus make beautiful smiles on their faces and you need to paint this bus with more bright colors to make this picture more appealing. This bus has four wheels which need to be painted with different colors to make it look stunning. The outer rubber part of the wheels can be painted using black color and the inner metallic part can be painted with any bright shade to make it more visible to the viewers. This school bus has four headlights of which 2 are small while the other two are large. You can paint the headlights using bright yellow and orange color to depict source of light once it gets dark. The windscreen of this bus should be left clear so that the driver can see the road well. Use a mixture of shades to decorate the body of the school bus since kids love different colors which are bright enough. The school uniform of the children on the bus can be painted with two different colors that will match with the colors on the bus.

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