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Wow! Father and son having time with each other.
Cute coloring page of a father teaching his son to ice skate.
They look are so happy because his boy is learning trying skate.

Coloring this amazing picture is very easy and fun once you choose the right colors and brushes to start this task. In this picture, the father and his son are having fun together as they skate. This father is trying to teach his son how to ice skate and you can see them moving from one end to the other. They are very happy and enjoying their time together. The father is very happy because his son is learning how to skate without any problem. You can begin painting this picture by using a bright shade such as white, brown, yellow, blue or orange color to paint the skating shoes for both the father and the son. Ice is usually white in color during winter season. Thus it would be appropriate to paint the surface where they are skating using a white shade. Both the father and his son are wearing a heavy pair of trousers and warm jacket. These clothes are made of cotton to keep the skaters body warm. You can paint the son’s clothes with a bright color such as pink, blue, yellow or green whichever you prefer most. For the father, it would be great to paint his clothes with a dull color such as dark brown, grey or beige provided they match well with the other colors on this picture. There are some clouds behind the father and his son. Paint these clouds with dark grey or white color to depict a sign of rainy season.

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