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Another winter sport that is exciting and fun is skiing.
This is a great recreational activity you can do with your love ones.
When skiing always be careful.

This is a picture of a boy snow skiing. The boy is really enjoying the exciting and fun winter sport. Coloring this picture is very easy. It is very easy to choose the colors of the surrounding and you can choose a range of colors for the boy’s clothes. Just be careful to choose colors that will show that the boy’s clothes are warm winter clothes. For instance you can use a blue shade for the upper part of the boy’s hood cap and white for the inner part and the tip behind. This will show that the hood is very warm and suitable for winter. For the rest of the clothes you can use any shade that will make him look lively. You can use navy blue shade for the jacket and grey shade for the trousers. Also shade the scarf using a different but appealing color so that he looks good. Most boots are brown and hence this shade will be suitable to color his boots but leave the soles white. Then color the skiing boards using orange and dark blue shades. Then color the skiing poles using grey shades or any other dark color of your choice. Finally color the background to complete the picture. The snow should be colored white and the few rocks on the ground black. The trees on the right side should be colored green.  The rest of the background is the sky with some clouds. Winter clouds are usually grayish and thus a light grey shade for the clouds and a sky blue shade for the sky will be appropriate.

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