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Snowball Fight

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They are having a snowball fight.
Having snow sure fun.

This picture shows kids having fun and playing snowball fight. To paint this picture so as to depict happiness and joy in this activity, you need to choose your colors well. The kids are holding snowballs on their hands and they are throwing them to each other. They are very happy and all you see on their faces is joy and smiles. There are two girls and two boys in this picture. Each is holding snowball on their hand and every time they throw these balls to each other, they laugh and try to run away on the opposite direction. There is a huge pack of snowballs on the surface from where these kids are picking these snowballs and fighting each other. The snowballs can be painted with white color to make them visible from far. The surface can also be painted with white color as this is the color of snow during the winter season. For the two girls you can paint their clothes with pink color to make them look beautiful as they play this game. On the other side, the boys are wearing trousers and sweaters. You can paint their trousers with a brown color and the sweaters with yellow color. The two boys are also wearing scarves around their necks and it would be appropriate to paint these with light orange color. The four kids are wearing some caps on their heads and these can be painted with any color as long as it matches well with other shades in this painting.


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