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The boys in the coloring page are playing soccer.
Soccer is also called foorball.
This is the most popular sport that is played by million of people from any part of the world.

This amazing picture shows two boys playing soccer on the field. They are very happy and having fun as they play on this football ground. Painting this picture needs a lot of attention so as to bring out the right mood while playing football. Football is an interesting game which is usually played by many school children from all over the world. From young to adults, football is very popular among million of people from various parts of the world. To make this picture look appealing and interesting, you need to paint it with a lot of care. You can begin painting the ball with different shades of your choice. Since this a kid’s ball, you can choose any color you like most to paint it. You can opt to use different colors to paint this ball as well. The two boys are wearing soccer boots which have some stripes on them. To make these boots look stunning, you can use two different bright colors to paint the stripes on these soccer boots. Black and white colors can be perfect for painting these boots. The boys are also wearing long socks and you can choose any color to paint them as long as it rhymes well with the color of the soccer boots. The shorts and shirts of these two boys should be painted with different colors to distinguish between the two sides. You can paint one boy with blue color while the other one with red color and then paint the playing ground with green color.

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