A squirrel is busy collecting nuts for the winter season.
When winter comes it is very hard for them to find nuts.
So before winter comes help the squirrel to look for nuts by coloring the coloring page so that the squirrel can see the nuts.

This is an incredible picture of squirrel collecting nuts for the winter season. If you want this picture to look incredible, then you need to choose the right shades and brushes to use during this exercise. Squirrels usually collect nuts before the winter season begins since after then there are no nuts available for food. In order to make it easy for the squirrel to find these nuts before the winter season begins, then you need to paint this picture using the right combination of colors. As you can see from this amazing picture, the squirrel is holding one big nut on its hand. The squirrel is very happy after collecting this nut because it has already found food for itself. Thus, it would be appropriate to paint this nut with brown color. You can paint the squirrel’s body with a combination of grey and brown color. Also paint the squirrel’s long tail with light brown. The other nuts which are on the surrounding can as well be painted with brown color since this color is visible from far. This will make it easier for the squirrel to notice the nuts on the surrounding trees quickly without struggling much. Since there are trees surrounding this amazing squirrel, you can choose to paint them with green color to depict color of the vegetation. There are also some flowers on the path and you can paint them using any bright color that will match well with the other shades in this picture. Use brown color to paint the path where the squirrel is standing.

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