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Stained Glass Xmas

Print it and make it a card and color it.
Give it as a present for Christmas they will appreciate your effort for the Christmas card you made.

Coloring this incredible picture can be a bit tricky if you are not keen selecting the right kind of shades. In this picture, there is a beautiful stained Christmas glass which needs to be painted in order to bring happiness and joy mood during this great occasion. All you need is to paint this picture with a variety of shades and then print it. After printing you can make it to resemble a beautiful card which you can later give as a present to your loved ones during Christmas celebrations. When you give your family and friends this stained glass as a Christmas present, they will definitely be very happy and will appreciate your efforts. As you can see from this picture, there are two words which are written both on the right and left hand side. The word merry and Christmas are written in capital letters and they need to be colored appropriately. You can use a mixture of different colors from red, blue, green, yellow, pink to purple to paint these two words. A variety of different shades on these two words will be perfect since it will bring out joy and happiness during this occasion. For the stained glass, you can see different shapes on its surface. You can use a variety of colors to paint these shapes as long as they will rhyme well with the other colors which you have used to paint the two words. Use yellow or orange color to paint the candle which is inside this stained glass Xmas.

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