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Stegosaurus means plated lizard or roof lizard.
This dinosaur is a plant eater and its size is like the size of a bus.

This is a colored or roofed lizard with a plated back as well as a spiked tail. It usually feeds on plants and other herbs. Painting this enormous animal can be a bit involving given its size. Stegosaurus size is like the size of a bus. So you can imagine how big this animal is in real life. With the right shade of colors and brushes, you will definitely be able to paint this stunning animal well to bring out a clear picture of its appearance. The body of this animal is covered with scales which are very scary and rough. It has a very small head with a little brain and toothless beak. This beak can perfectly be painted with grey or brown color. Its back has large, bony, flat and triangular plates along its back. To paint its back, you can use your painting brush carefully and paint it with grey and brown shades alternately. This will definitely match well with the toothless beak which you will have already painted with grey color. As you can see from this amazing picture, this animal have a heavy and spiked tail which it uses to protect itself from the predators. You can either paint its tail with grey or green color whichever you prefer. The four legs of this animal are very strong and can be painted with grey color too. You will notice that the back legs of this animal are twice as long as the front legs. The vegetation around this animal can be painted with green color while the path can be shaded with brown color.

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