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The flowers in the coloring page are happy to see the sun.
The sun help the flowers to grow beautifully.
The flowers are very happy to see the sun shining brightly.

This is an amazing picture of flowers enjoying and having fun to see the sun. The sun is shining very brightly and the flowers are really happy to see this. Painting this picture is easy and interesting provided you have all shades of colors and brush at your disposal. The sun usually helps the flowers to grow healthy and beautifully. It would be appropriate to start painting the sun with different shades to depict how it is shining to the flowers to give them nutrients. Use bright colors such as yellow and orange to depict the how the sun is shining brightly on this farm of flowers. The sun is very happy to see the flowers and you can see it is smiling at them. Paint the face of the sun with yellow, brown or orange color and some light shades of white color on the teeth. The eyes of the sun can be painted with a mixture of black and white color. In this picture, we see both small and big flowers. Flowers usually have different colors. Therefore, it goes without saying that any bright color can be used to paint these flowers. You can paint these flowers with green, pink, purple, yellow, red, blue, orange or brown colors provided these colors will rhyme well with the colors of the sun. The stalk of the big flowers can be painted using green color since they are just maturing. Use green and yellow color to paint the eyes of the flowers and light orange shades to paint their teeth.

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