Do you know what happen in this coloring page?

This picture where Satan tests Eve is one of the most ‘tempting’ of the entire list. Use your own imagination to re-construct the Garden of Eden. What ever you do make sure you do not use the same shades of green on the bushes. Because, it will make this beautiful image a bit monotonous. What was the skin color of the first human beings on earth? Have you ever thought of it? If you feel the palate of colors does not provide you with enough shades, do not hesitate to create your own colors with the help of the color selector. Paint the lush greenery in distinct shades of green and sprinkle brilliant colors on the flowers and the apple. You want to give the serpent the ugliest color, don’t you? Or do you think a vivid colored reptile would convey the theme more powerfully? What about the cloud that represents the Almighty, what color would you that? No matter what you choose to do, the outcome will be impeccable. Release the stress you are harboring in your mind with a simple exercise like this.

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